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Re: [IP] Yet Another Reservoir Question

On 23 Mar 2001, at 22:33, Laura L. Shapiro wrote:

> Will someone please tell me why MM suggests you pitch your reservoir
> after three days?  I am the person who is posting here concerning high
> BG on days when I start a "New" reservoir. MM keeps telling me it doesn
> work after three days, and I keep blowing them out of the water by
> stating that it is not the third day I am having trouble with, but the
> very first day when I start the cartridge.  By day three it is working
> fine.

It may not be the reservoir.

I had problems too with new sets/sites/reservoirs and high bgs.

Now, I do the following:

1) be certain I rotate the plunger inside the reservoir several times 
to make sure all the lubricant is spread around

2) be certain I prime the pump using the prime feature until I see 
insulin dripping out of the set

3) leave old set in my skin for a few hours after disconnecting it (I'd 
noticed insulin leaking out of the hole when I removed the old set)

4) be certain I prime 1/2 unit after inserting the new set (I use Micro 
QR sets that need 1/2 unit prime to fill the cannula--I don't konw 
what other sets need, if any)

5) Eat a very carby meal and bolus for it within an hour after putting 
in the new site.  This creates a little bubble inside my skin around 
the cannula, giving more surface area for the insulin to absorb 
through.  Or so I've heard.

I sometimes use a reservoir twice--but I make sure to rotate the 
plunger around again to re-spread the lubricant.
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