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[IP] My Dream about Diabetes

This thread that's been going on concerning pump dreams has prompted me to
tell about my dream. This was about 30 years ago, just before being
diagnosed with diabetes. I had a dream in which I was trying to inject
myself in the right arm. As I had always been terrified of shots, this dream
became a nightmare, causing  me to become so frightened that I woke up and
sat up in bed wide awake, puzzled as to why I was dreaming this. The same
dream was repeated again on another night.

The strange thing is that I had been diagnosed at age 11 with diabetes and
sent to a specialist in Portland, Ore. It was 1948 and we didn't have a
reliable car, so my mother and I took the bus the 50 miles into the big
city. It was an all day event spent watching a film about foods, and being
terrified about the idea of taking shots. The doctor finally told me that it
was a mistake. I didn't really have diabetes. I was relieved and didn't
think more about it after that - until these dreams. Shortly after the
dreams, during a routine physical for a new health plan, I was actually
diagnosed with diabetes.

pumping for 7 1/2 weeks
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