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[IP] Pain with insertion

Schmids wrote:

>     I have found the only way to insert the infusion set into my 5yr old is
> to lay across his chest so he can't see what I'm doing.  Then we "Practice"
> a few times before I actually insert into his skin.(we do use the emla
> cream)  As long as I can insert it quickly and smoothly he can't tell the
> practices from the real thing.  I belive the pain kids feel when the cream
> is used is at least 90% psychological and 10 % plain uncomfortableness.

I've found that if I just poke the needle SLIGHTLY into my skin, I can
tell if it's going to hurt or not. AND I've found that if I use a spot
that hurts to begin with, it never stops hurting. 

So I probe around for a spot that doesn't hurt before actually inserting
the needle. 

I don't know if that would help with a child, but it's a thought.
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