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Re: [IP] Basal Rate of .1 or Use of Diluted Insulin

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001 21:56:36 EST email @ redacted wrote:
>(1) Does anyone have experience with basal rates of .1 units per
>hour, and if so, have you had any problems with occlusion, or were
>you ever told you needed to use diluted insulin? I take about 46
>total units per day with 8 different basal rates. I was told by
>the nurse at my doctor's office that I needed to use diluted insulin
>because basal rates as low as .1 will cause clogging. I contacted
>Disetronic directly, and they didn't seem to think that should cause
>a problem.
For several years I used a temporary basal rate of 0.1 unit per hr
while bicycle riding. The duration of the 0.1 was usually 4 hours. I
never had a problem with clogs. I am now using a temp basal of 0.2
simply because I seem to need it, and not because of clogging.

>(2) Since I'm still relatively new to pumping (one month), is it
>common for both the basal rates and bolus rates to be changed at the
>same time every few days?
This is the first time I have ever heard of this. It is contrary to
medical and scientific and engineering practice. The rule is to change
only one thing at a time so that the effects of the change can be
related to what was changed. If you change several things at once and
you don't get the desired results, what do you do next?

>(3) I have read Walsh's book Pumping Insulin and believe the
>information could be very useful, however, my doctor's office
>apparently has a different view of how to get basal/bolus rates
>regulated.  I would be interested in knowing how many doctor's offices
>actually recommend following the suggested guidelines in Pumping Insulin.
My doctor lets me adjust my own basal and bolus rates, and I use Walsh
as my guide. If I were you I would demand that whoever it is in your
doctor's office give you a detailed logical explanation for why they
insist on doing it the way they do and what specifically is wrong with
John Walsh's guidelines.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pumping since 1995
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