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Re: : [IP] High BG After Changing Reservoir

Brust, Colleen J Ms ORISE (Fennessy) wrote:
> Once the reservoir is in the pump, i prime until a drop
> forms.  But sometimes if i raise the pump above the end of the disconnect,
> insulin will come out. Or if I lower the pump beneath the disconnect, air
> will be sucked in.  I stopped reusing tubing and reservoirs because of this
> in case minute cracks were causing leaks.  But it still happens.  Can anyone
> help?  I would love to know that others are having this problem, too, and
> what's causing it.

What's happening is that the end of the tubing is open to air and
gravity, and if the pump is above the disconnect, gravity will pull a
little drop of insulin out (just like a full hose! And if the disconnect
is above the level of the pump, (and especially if it WAS below) the
insulin is STILL being pulled down by gravity, and a little air will
enter. It's a physical principle of liquids in tubes!

The solution is to keep the pump on the same level as the disconnect,
prime until you see that drop, connect immediately, and then prime the

When you disconnect for bathing, leave the pump where the tubing is at
the same level as the pump, and then prime a little again when you go to

And by the way, I've seen the phenomenon many times, but never
considered it a problem -- just took it for granted that that's the way
liquids behave!

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