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Re: [IP] HMOs, & etc.

email @ redacted wrote:
> I have been through the proverbial 'wringer' with a former HMO plan that I
> had through work.  I ended up with a $4,000 hospital bill from when I went
> into DKA (the first and hopefully last time!)  They paid every claim until
> the hospitalization, then decided that they 'didn't realize that the insulin
> that I had been purchasing was being used to treat diabetes.'  There is no
> other disease that it is used to treat! I just got that hospital bill paid
> off last year...5 years after being hospitalized!

Boy did YOU get ripped off!!!!!  What else is health insurance for, but
to pay for those time when we get sick. Especially emergencies!!!! ANY
Type 1 can go into DKA, even if they're doing their best -- so what was
their rationale for denying the claim????

Or did your HMO specifically deny diabetes treatment??? I would think
that would be grounds for suing them, because without your insulin,
you're DEAD!!

Anyway, I'm glad you're not with them any more -- I've had enough bad
experiences with HMO's that I'll NEVER go to one unless forced to, and
then, only screaming and kicking -- and in that case,  I'm planning to
give them HELL if they diddle with me!!!!!! They'll spend more money
fielding my telephone calls than they would have done if they'd just
paid the damn expense!

Good luck, Roxanne! 
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