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[IP] RE: Privacy of your medical record and other myths you might have been told, read

> Unfortunately, HMOs are not the best kind of
insurance for people who are
> ill. If you have the choice to purchase another
kind of insurance, you should
> do so.

> Insurance companies are in the business to make
money, so they will try to
> limit what they provide. You may have to pay for
things you know you need
> that are not covered.

> Susan

That is my point.  All businesses must be expected
to perform as profitable as possible.  If they have
the risk of being sued, they may take a different
action than if they have no risk of being sued.  I
am not a litigous person and do not like the
frivolous suits in which people sue for inane
reasons.  I do think that the threat of a suit will
keep many companies in line.  This is not so with
Dubya's reasoning for the proposed 'Patients Rights'
legislation in which HMO's can NOT be sued.

I would love to have the option to have different
insurance.  All of us are not so fortunate as to be
able to choose our insurance companies.  My company
only offers one type (HMO, surprise) and employees
only are covered.  To obtain family coverage cost me
$5,188 last year, on an income of $29,000.  Can you
suggest a policy that will be less?  If my insurance
does not cover medication, I don't get it.  If they
are not worried about me, or my survivors, suing for
malfeasance, they may not worry quite so much about
whether to permit proper care.
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