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RE: [IP] I'm just wondering...

The smallest gauge is in the sils, and the gauge is; 27 but the length is
17mm.  The soft set from MM is 25 gauge and has 9mm and 6mm length. The
rapids from Disetronic, is a metal needle set. The gauge is 27, with lengths
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm  They usually start you off with the soft set style
because its the easiest to insert. The butterfly needle you talk about for
blood draws is usually 23 gauge, and standard blood draw is 22 gauge.

Check out the web sites for both companies for more info

Hope that helps.


the size of the needle and cannula. If there is a smaller size
for children, can I request that one? The vampires who take my
blood every time use a pediatric needle with a butterfly because
I'm sort of 'tiny' as they say. I know this isn't going into a vein,
but I just feel I'd rather have the smallest set available. Does
anyone know about this? Should I just call my rep and see??

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