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RE: [IP] desperate for saline

The kind you need does require a prescription and its the one that is in the
over sized plastic vial thing. This way its sterile for injectable purposes.
This saline is also used when diluting other injectables, and maybe that's
why its prescription based.

This is what I did for my trial period.  I just took an infusion set (empty)
and inserted one time to see how it felt attached. Then what I did was
remove the site. And then went to a clean area, and taped the infusion set
there. Then I just filled the pump with regular water.  I didn't bother with
setting a basal rate. Didn't think I needed to. I just wanted to get used to
the idea of having something attached.  If I wanted to bolus, I just
disconnected and let it run out the tubing.

Just a thought.


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