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Northwest Florida Daily News - NEWShi all
this article was in our paper and i wanted to share it with you.
he came through our town and this article was done in the town over from =
it makes you grateful for the people cares.
becky hobbs florida
proud mom of chelsey 7yo dxed 9/99 and nathan 5yo dxed 2/97

        March 23, 2001=20
       NEWS =20
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       'Scooter' treks for awareness=20

        ak.. John Rhodes is attempting to walk from Miami to New =
Orleans; he has terminal skin cancer, but chooses to promote diabetes =
        By KRISTY HALVERSON, Daily News Staff Writer=20
        CRESTVIEW - John "Scooter" Rhodes is reliving a dream of his =
despite a doctor's warning that he may not live to see it fulfilled.=20

        Rhodes, 41, is dying from a form of melanoma skin cancer and he =
was told he wouldn't live past December.=20

        But that hasn't stopped the Gainesville man from promoting =
diabetes awareness while attempting to walk from Miami to New Orleans.=20

        "I called my doctor from the road and jokingly he asked me what =
I was still doing alive," Rhodes said Thursday during a stop in =
Crestview. "And I told him that somebody better go check their =
calculations again because I was still here."=20

        A fair-skinned man with bright strawberry blonde hair and a wide =
toothy grin, Rhodes isn't one to dwell on his terminal situation.=20

        Many would think he should work to promote cancer awareness, but =
Rhodes said he has a different purpose to his life.=20

        "There are so many other awareness projects out there," he said. =
"But very little is ever heard about diabetes. It is one of the more =
deadly diseases out there next to cancer and AIDS.=20

        "Although I am not diabetic, this just happens to be the cause =
God impressed upon my heart," Rhodes added. "So I will walk where Christ =
leads me. Hopefully, I'll make it."=20

        The dream to finish this journey has been 22 years in the =

        As a young man, Rhodes participated in a March-of-Dimes walk =
from Clearwater to Houston. The group then walked back to Clearwater, =
but Rhodes said he has always felt guilty about how he completed the =

        "We were supposed to walk the entire way, but being young and =
not really thinking about the cause we would accept rides from people =
who would drive by and say, 'It's too far to walk all that way, hop in,' =
" Rhodes explained. "They would take us short distances or from one end =
of town to the other - and all this time I have felt guilty about what =
we did.=20

        "So this time I am doing it right; I wish I could do more, but =
given my health I have to keep it realistic. But I want to really walk =
it - to see if I can do it."=20

        He's not affiliated with any diabetes organization and will not =
accept any donations on behalf of the cause. He urges those who ask =
about his trek to make their donation to any diabetes organization they =
wish. He provides them with addresses and phone numbers as well.=20

        Rhodes sat at home for a month after retiring early as a =
professional cartoonist because of his medical condition before he =
started preparing for the trek.=20

        His journey began Dec. 22.=20

        As many other families were preparing to spend the holidays with =
their loved ones, Rhodes hit the road in search of his dream to avoid =
the lonesome feeling he often experiences at that time of year.=20

        As he's not close with his family, Rhodes said in a softer =
voice, it seemed like the perfect time to take one last trip.=20

        "Rather than sit at home and dwell on everything, I figured this =
walk would give me something productive to do," he said proudly. "I =
couldn't just sit home."=20

        Strolling along these past few months has not always been easy =
for him. Cars drive awful close to him and people make obscene gestures =
regularly as they drive by. Sometimes he walks for days until he comes =
to a safe place to sleep or stay the night.=20

        "Sure I am tired," he said. "Like, right now, I have been awake =
for 48 hours, but there wasn't a place for me to crash until I reached =

        "I could camp on the side of the road, but that isn't safe. =
Ultimately I listen to my body though; I do what I can."=20

        He tows all necessary items with him on a well-equipped cart =
while averaging 20 to 30 miles a day and he earns his keep the same way =
he used to earn his living prior to his early retirement.=20

        "I was a cartoonist dealing in promotions and re-creating =
cartoons for advertising now I free-lance," Rhodes said. "So as I =
travel, people hire me to draw cartoons for them - that is how I have =
been getting by."=20

        When he can, he stays in motels or churches. It is there he =
recharges his cell phone. But, if none are available, he relies on his =
trusty tent.=20

        His route has brought him up the Atlantic coast, through his =
hometown of Gainesville, to U.S. Highway 90.=20

        "It was nice going through Gainesville because at that time I =
was in so much pain that sleeping in my own bed felt great," he said.=20

        He has worn out one pair of shoes so far, but a good Samaritan =
along his path last week bought him a new pair of shoes which have since =
been broken in.=20

        After resting in Crestview Thursday, Rhodes headed west again on =
U.S. 90 to fulfill his final dream on what perhaps might be his last =
great adventure.=20

        "I am going to stay on 90 until I reach New Orleans," he said. =
"I may not have a whole lot of time left, but I have made it this far - =
and either way you look at it, it is farther than a lot of people gave =
me credit for."=20

        al.. Staff Writer Kristy Halverson can be reached at 682-5608 or =
email @ redacted=20


        am.. This article can be found on page B1 of the March 23, 2001 =
Daily News.=20
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