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[IP] Re: GlucoDex

    I took an old meter into Shopper's Drug Mart in Ontario and told them I 
wanted the One Touch Ultra for free.  The pharmacist just phoned the company 
to check and then said, yes, that's fine.  Its a nice meter and comes with a 
nice carrying case and lancing device.  Just tell them that your doctor or 
CDE told you about the offer.
    I take any meters that I am offered for free.  I always find someone who 
needs them, usually folks who are told they MIGHT have Type 2 and to come 
back in 6 months and we will test you again.  They are often worried and 
upset and don't know how easy it is to test your blood to get a better 
indication of what's going on.  (I do tell them to consult their doctors as 
well, to help interpret any results).
    Also, your local Cdn. Diabetes Office would probably like any old meters 
you don't need, to distribute to those without any insurance.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6
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