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[IP] C-sections

Hi Sherry,
    I can't comment on diabetes and pregnancy, but I can talk about 
C-sections on non-diabetics.
    Don't worry about pain, moving about etc., re a C-section, because it is 
definately a YMMV issue and maybe you will be just fine.  
    My first baby was a scheduled C-section and it was really easy.  He was 
born in the afternoon, and the following morning at 7 am I had my last needle 
of painkiller.  After that Tylenol was all I needed.  I was able to move 
around pretty well, and was ready to go home 48 hours later, but the doctor 
wanted me to stay longer.  I really have to say that I felt just fine and was 
soon receiving tons of visitors.
    My second was a C-section after 30 hours of labour.  After the incision 
he still refused to come out and the doc had to do a vertical incision as 
well.  I did NOT feel very well after that baby.  But by 2 weeks I was able 
to drive myself to a breastfeeding support meeting and they all said I looked 
great.  It was harder looking after a toddler and a baby however. 
    So if a C-section is scheduled, take it easy beforehand, get lots of rest 
and remember that you have already been through a lot, the rest will be just 
fine.  Its much, much worse to have labour and then a C-section anyhow.  The 
pain is absolutely draining and exhausting.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6 - my third C-section  and soon to be a pumper
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