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[IP] > RE: Insertion with creme real pain or psychological

    I have found the only way to insert the infusion set into my 5yr old is
to lay across his chest so he can't see what I'm doing.  Then we "Practice"
a few times before I actually insert into his skin.(we do use the emla
cream)  As long as I can insert it quickly and smoothly he can't tell the
practices from the real thing.  I belive the pain kids feel when the cream
is used is at least 90% psychological and 10 % plain uncomfortableness.
When I inserted it into myself, I felt no pain but was queasy and
uncomfortable watching that long needle go into my skin.  I won't let Max
see the needle because it freaks him out.  Also my Disetronic rep told me he
is recieving the new infusion sets today and will hopefully have some for me
to try next week.  They are like the soft-set by mm, but both the cannula
and needle are beveled, so you can insert them just like a syringe.  You
won't need the inserter device, becasue the insertion doesn't have to be a
quick jab.  Also the new infusion sets have the disconnect at the site, like
the tenders.(no pig tail)  The needles come in short lengths, (6mm,8mm,10mm)
for kids!!  I'll let you know how they do!!

Mom to Max(5y) pumping 2weeks and getting eaiser everyday!!
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