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Re: [IP] prescription tampering

we have BC/BS ppo- We have a drug formulary. We *have* to take generic if it
is available for 15.00 co-pay. I am on Arava which needed a pre
authorization -it was listed on the list of medications allowed but needed
authorization. It was approved thankfully.
But instead of the 20.00 co-pay we have to pay 40.00 for that one and 2
other medications. PPO's aren't all that great. For MRI I needed it was not
it took 8 months to get approval of a wheelchair i needed because even
though the doctor and their supplier did everything needed the insurance
kept saying they never recieved the info EVEN after they confirmed they
received it and even the faxes.
It has been a constant struggle which causes stress which I don't need.
we haven't come across one  customer service representatives yet that had
given us correct information.
I hope things go better for you.
Ginny + Misty Service Dog-whose dog insurance has better coverage and
communciations and costs 99.00 per year.
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> Spot,
>     I have the same problem here in FL ... the HMO that I'm on doesn't
> me the option to pay a little extra for 'brand'. Instead, they just
> substitute everything for 'generic'. Thank God no one's made generic
> or insulin. (Except I heard from someone on the list that Walmart, I
> does make a generic insulin.)
>        I agree that this should NOT be legal!! However, who do we complain
> to? Let me know... I LOVE writing letters!!! Plus, I'm only going to be on
> this 'crappy' HMO for 3 more months then, HELLO PPO!!!! Then I can get
> 'brand' name drugs!!!
> All my best,
> Elizabeth
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