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[IP] Low iron levels

Hi Doreen,

I am having this problem right now.  I am 36 yr. old pumper and severely 
anemic.  Because I had been taking Motrin for a while my doctor sent me to 
have my stomach scoped to check that there was no bleeding ulcer or other 
reason for loss of blood from the stomach (there wasn't-but a lot of stomach 
irritation).  He also had me do stool samples to check for blood there. I 
have been on iron supplements for 6 wks and just got blood drawn yesterday.  
I am hoping my levels are up.  If they are I think they will assume it was 
from stomach blood loss due to taking Motrin (I don't take it any more).  If 
not, my doctor is going to look for other reasons for such low iron.  I know 
it isn't fun I am sooooo tired all the time!  I hope your daughter finds out 
the cause and feels better soon.

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