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RE: [IP] HMOs, & etc.

On 23 Mar 2001, at 9:46, Handsfield, James H. wrote:
> Having said that, I'll point out that not all HMOs, just like all other
> companies, are not alike.  By and large I am very pleased with my coverage
> through Kaiser Permanente Georgia.  It seems that some HMOs, like Kaiser,
> have figured out how to do managed care well.  When it's done poorly, it can
> be a disaster.  But when we see other incompetents, that can be a disaster
> as well.

<Kaiser bashing ahead>

In my experience, Northern California Kaiser hasn't figured out how 
to do it well.  THey misdiagnosed me as T2, I had to demand to 
see a real doctor in person (who said, "so what are you here for?" 
and didn't examine me at all) and I was told in no uncertain terms 
by the CDE that I was probably T1.5 (which is not a real diagnosis 
in any medical book that I can find) and would NOT be permitted to 
see the endo.

I AM T1 --with antibodies-- and NO insulin resistance, and now I 
see ONLY an endo...  every 2 months--with Blue Shield POS, not 
Kaiser HMO.

If I'd stayed with Kaiser, I firmly believe I'd have ended up in the 
hospital with DKA and/or other complications before anyone would 
agree to test me for antibodies.  As it is, because I was scared to 
death by the diabetes diagnosis and wouldn't agree to such a 
cavalier response, I have no evidence of complications and I believe 
that is because I was very aggressive in seeking *appropriate* 
treatment early on.
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