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[IP] EMLA and other stuff

 I followed all instructions--that wasn't the problem and the cream came with
the OpSite coverings to use.    I think we will now try EMLA for the next
blood draw, which was supposed to be a few weeks ago.  We had used this
several years ago and it did seem to work on Claire then.

I am considering writing to the company to ask them about this as well.  Is
that a useful option?
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6 (very afraid of needles in veins) and hoping to be
pumping soon

An ice cube works the best IMHO. I don't like anesthetic creams as they are
highly allergenic. needles in veins are often without pain if used by a
competent phlebotomist. I think the whole idea is overblown in pain aspects by
kids who see blood letting as scary to begin with. try not looking, closing
eyes atc first. the needles are incredibly shrp and litterally move tissue
away from the point. the do not really cut and manufacturers of needles have
worked very hard over the years to make the needles "non coring" some of the
pain from a venipuncture may be made worse by a realization that this goes
along with the diabeates. we all know what that is. I suggest no looking, a
few moments of harmless conversation prior to he phlebotomy first with the
phlebotomist to realize this person is just a person too. no discussion of it
bot hurting , " Just a little bee bite" I used to tell the kids. with sound
effects, production of a stuffed animal from the phlebotomist's back pocket, i
used a little bear. and some sympathetic tears. It's really tough being a kid
with diabetes.
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