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[IP] loss of medical privacy

 These regulations must be scrapped if you want control of your medical
records. The right to privacy will evaporate if these become law.  This is a
way for uncle sam to know every intimate detail of your life by asking your
doctor for your records which he must give to them or face jail time etc. this
is not a joke or an overblown view of things but real regulations. being put
on the books to kill your privacy as an individual. please call your
congressperson. this is no joke. if you think I'm over reacting, just read
them carefully. spot.

FROM: Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS)

CONTACT: Kathryn Serkes

(800) 635-1196

email @ redacted


Action Needed THIS WEEK to Kill Clinton Privacy Regulations

That Give Government Full Control of Your Medical Records

Thanks to all of your responses in Feb., we have postponed the Clinton
administration's leftover medical "privacy" regulations that would give the
federal government unprecedented access to our personal medical records.


Last month, you shut down the email server at the Department of Health and
Human Services with your responses. Now we have to do the same with snail
mail. (Instructions at www.aapsonline.org ; click on "Privacy Regulations:
More Action Needed by March 30," at top left-hand side of site.)

HHS Secretary Thompson has extended the public comment period through March
30, 2001, and will decide by April 14 whether the rules will go into effect.
We must show how much the public opposes these rules.


Masquerading as "medical privacy protection," these rules were written to
fulfill the "Administrative Simplification" section of the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. "Administrative simplification" is
a concept and term carried over from Hillary's Health Care Task Force and the
failed ClintonCare plan for government control of medicine and medical

This 1,500 page document is a direct result of the Clinton view that the
government should control every aspect of our medical care. It is a desperate,
last-ditch effort to set the stage for Hillary's vision of socialized medicine
and eliminate your privacy.

Public comments must be received by HHS via MAIL by March 30, 2001. The
address, sample comments and action steps are posted at www.aapsonline.org.
(Look for "Privacy Regulations: More Action Needed by March 30," at top
left-hand side of site.)

The clock is ticking!
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