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Re: [IP] Long Term Site Question

>If you change sites every 2-3 days, and don't normally become infected
>1.	Do the sites heal up enough to use again (How long?)
>2.	Does a person have enough sites to last(Some people have been pumping
>many years) or does scar tissue/etc. develop so that it becomes harder
>and harder to find a site?
>3.     Does the little small marks left by the cannula ever go away?

Carl, I'm not a  long term expert on this (pumping since 12/2/2000 - 57 site
changes so far) but here are my comments.

I use 4 sites across each side of my stomach (8 total) and change every 2nd
day. Some sites are a little sore the day after removal but with this
rotation schedule I have not seen any sites which are unusable when I come
back to them 14 - 16 days later.

Before start-up, when pumping saline I did have one site (in the leg) that
became infected and developed a hard knot that lasted several weeks. Other
than that I have no expectation of long term site problems. All of my
infusion sites appear reusable in a 1 - 3 week time frame.

I usually can not locate a previous site - by either appearance or feel - 2
or 3 days after removal of the cannula. This is actually a little surprising
to me because my forearms are becoming quite speckled from the  lancet
pricks for blood sampling. But no lasting spots on the stomach from the
infusion sets.
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