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[IP] Re: Privacy of your medical record and other myths you might have be...

> And what is even more worisome is that these guys
THINK that
> they know what they are doing!!!!  They don't have
a clue!!!!

It's worse than that.  They DO know what they are
doing.  Their goal is to make money, save money, get
promoted, keep their job, etc.  There has been
multiple tv news magazine shows that show that the
frontline clerks are given quota's of how many of
each type of procedure they are allowed.  Less
brings promotions, more brings disciplinary actions.

It's like the auto industry.  They determine(d) what
a part will cost and then determine what the lost
lawsuits will cost.  If it may cost $100 million to
put in a part that will avoid explosions and the
money lost from paying damages for those explosions
is only $50 million - that part is not going to be
made.  Except, the HMO's won't be sued, according to
email @ redacted
They misunderestimated me.
 - George W. Bush
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