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[IP] Using EMLA etc. (our story)

Hi all:  Still on the subject of EMLA:  We were ones that were advised by our
Rep and D team to not "bother" with EMLA cream or anything as it doesn't even
really hurt.  Our little guy was 4 at the time so I followed along...Well, set
changes were a nightmare for us from Day one, as he screamed in pain and for
awhile afterwards would still be in pain.  Mind you this was using those
Micros which are terrible for a little tummy!  For any newbies out there with
little ones, use EMLA!  If they are fine without don't bother, but I am still
upset that I was told not to bother.  My son even cried at the time saying he
wanted needles again! Well, we tried EMLA and what a difference.  (We had
tried ice first and it was a disaster..) Now, all is well.  We had a set
change this am and no probs as usual.  I find the numbed site really gives you
a chance to slide the SIL in more accurately than if you were workign against
time and pain. We leave the EMLA on for 45 mins to 1 hour and perfect!

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