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Re: [IP] Highs that wouldn't go away--MYSTERY SOLVED

Sherry- from Massive Bowling Green,

    I had a c-section and I was up and walking around that evening (Josh born 
8AM).  Yes you are a little sore but my anesthesiologist inject morohine into 
the spinal block thingie right after Josh was born so I never had much 
discomfort.  The worse part of the whole thing is that inject (IV-type) 
morphine causes you to ITCH like bloody H--- the second day.  They gave me 
something for that and it eased up ALOT!!  And then it was all gone, just 
that fast.  The incision on a c-section is down SOOOO low that you almost 
don't consider it your tummy!  Sorry, you know I'm not DM, but Joshis so I 
didn't have that to worry about.  As far as not eating anything I was allowed 
clear diet for lunch and full meal for dinner.  Hang in there Sherry.  You 
are already doing such a good job!!  You already are a GOOD MOM!!

mom to Joshua
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