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[IP] Re: Local anesthesia for inserting sets-help please

Dear Barbara,

Initially, we really had to push our endo team to let Katie use EMLA for
her insertions.  They seemed to think she should just "push it in and
tough it out...in case we were ever in a situation where we couldn't get
to our EMLA."  Yeah, and I should always keep my snowshoes handy just in
case it snows, right!  Anyway, we insisted on Katie using it every time,
and NOW it is their common advice to use EMLA for all their patients!  We
even haggled about the time we should leave it on before an insertion. 
They thought half an hour was enough.  Katie found out that that is not
enough time.  One to one-and-a-half hours works wonderfully.  That gives
the cream enough time to really numb the skin.  But in answer to your
question, I've never heard of Ametop Gel.

The discussion on this topic led me to think that perhaps someone out
might know the answer to something that I've been wondering about.  A
couple of years ago, I read about a new numbing cream, which studies said
Ametop Gel was better and more effective than EMLA cream.  It is called 
Tetracaine and is made by Smith and Nephew, Hull U.K.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6 (very afraid of needles in veins) and hoping to
pumping soon
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