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: [IP] High BG After Changing Reservoir


RE: site changes, I always leave old site in for a few hours.  It's not
always a problem to rip out the old site immediately, but why chance losing
the insulin that it delivered in the previous hour?

RE: reservoir changes, when you say "priming 5 units" are you priming until
insulin comes out?  Sometimes it takes more than 5 U to get the insulin to
the end of the tube.

Or maybe it's another problem.  The insulin in my fully primed tubing
sometimes "slides" back down the tube when it's disconnected from the set.
I asked this list about a year ago, and no one else had the problem, but I
see it regularly.  Once the reservoir is in the pump, i prime until a drop
forms.  But sometimes if i raise the pump above the end of the disconnect,
insulin will come out. Or if I lower the pump beneath the disconnect, air
will be sucked in.  I stopped reusing tubing and reservoirs because of this
in case minute cracks were causing leaks.  But it still happens.  Can anyone
help?  I would love to know that others are having this problem, too, and
what's causing it.

Thanks, Colleen
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