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[IP] Highs that wouldn't go away--MYSTERY SOLVED

Well after swearing I wasn't sick and whining about not knowing if it was the tubing, the site, or bad insulin, I have solved the mystery.  I AM sick.  haha  I'm so stuffy today that
I can barely breathe.  I think I've been a little congested for this entire pregnancy, but this is definitely different.   When you take a nap with your dog, and she leaves the room
because your breathing is keeping her awake, you know you are congested.
I hate when I have a cold.  It seems like they always linger on for weeks and just as one completely goes away, another starts up.  GRRRR....  Orange juice is definitely overrated.
My numbers were better yesterday because I have my basals turned up a few notches, and that seems to be keeping them almost in line.
Last night in my lamaze class, we watched a film on c-sections.  I had just about accepted that this would be what I'll be doing since the ob has been talking about it since the
beginning of my pregnancy, but the film kind of threw me off.  Geez.  It doesn't look so good. Mostly I'm more worried now about my bg levels.  One lady in the film said they told
her not to eat for 12 hrs before, then she couldn't eat afterwards until she passed a digestive test (we'll just put it that way). I was already worried about my insulin requirements
and giving up some of that control, but this adds a new kink. And I hate the idea of being laid up longer and not able to move around very well when I first get home.  And what about
site changes afterward?  I have a feeling I won't want to use my tummy and it's too much twisting to use my upper rumpy area, so I guess I need to start practicing new sites on my
thighs or something which also scares me a little.
At the risk of sounding like a whiny baby myself, why can't babies just show up under cabbage leaves anyway?? haha
Oh well.  It helps to have someone to whine to.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Wishing her "little guy" was here too!
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