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RE: [IP] local anesthesia for inserting sets

Sylvia [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

>   If EMLA is an allergen (and I'm sorry but I'm not sure what 
> that means but 
> it doesn't sound good) then why is it used in hospitals for 
> little children 
> and why is it so highly recommended for children??  Our endo 
> had NO problems 
> prescribing this for us for Josh but just said that it is 
> SOOO expensive and 
> not covered by insurance.

An allergen is any substance that causes an allergic reaction.  Most people
are not allergic to most items.  The most common allergies are probably to
dust mites and pollen (hay fever).  Unless the allergic reaction is severe,
such as an anaphylactic reaction to an antibiotic, it is usually
controllable with antihistamines (and removing the allergen, of course).
AFAIK, the only way to know something is an allergen is to give it to the
person and watch to see if there's a reaction.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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