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Re: [IP] Re: Local anesthesia for inserting sets-help please


  I hate saying this b ut have you ever thought that maybe it really isn't 
hurting her PHYSICALLY??  Josh is still freaking out totally at site change 
times.  He can prime tubing, do site prep and that is it!!  He totally freaks 
out, starts to cry, backs away, "hates site changes, hates being diabetic" 
all at site change.  Then once I get the site in it takes another 5-10 
minutes, depending on where I put it in, for it to NOT hurt anymore and heis 
just fine for another 3.5 days!!!!!  I have talked to other parents who say 
that they have similar situations!!!

Just a thought and NOT meant to offend anyone!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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