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[IP] Re: Local anesthesia for inserting sets-help please

The discussion on this topic led me to think that perhaps someone out there 
might know the answer to something that I've been wondering about.

A couple of years ago, I read about a new numbing cream, which studies said 
was better and more effective than EMLA cream.  It is called  Ametop Gel (4% 
Tetracaine) and is made by Smith and Nephew, Hull U.K.  When we were living 
in the UK, the nurses gave me several small tubes to use so that my kids 
could have their blood tested for a study they were doing on DNA and 
diabetes.  My kids refused to cooperate and Claire didn't need any other 
blood drawn from her arm while we lived there, so I never tried the cream on 

Back here in Canada, the doctor immediately ordered blood tests and when I 
asked about using the Ametop gel, she said yes, use it if you have it, rather 
than EMLA, as it constricts the veins less.  My son needed blood tests and I 
used it on him and he was quite thrilled as he said he didn't feel a thing.  
I used it on Claire for her blood tests and she screamed with pain, I think 
the technician was rougher as he thought she was numbed.   I thought maybe 
the tube was too old, so I spent $60 buying a new box of 12 small tubes, and 
sure enough, these tubes sold in Canada say to store in the refrigerator.  So 
we try it again for her next blood draw, and again, it hasn't worked.  Now 
she is freaked out by needing more blood tests!!  Because I had promised that 
it wouldn't hurt--I should learn never to promise anything that is out of my 
total control.  

Does anyone know about these products?  Do they just not work on some people? 
 I followed all instructions--that wasn't the problem and the cream came with 
the OpSite coverings to use.    I think we will now try EMLA for the next 
blood draw, which was supposed to be a few weeks ago.  We had used this 
several years ago and it did seem to work on Claire then.

I am considering writing to the company to ask them about this as well.  Is 
that a useful option?  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6 (very afraid of needles in veins) and hoping to be 
pumping soon
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