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[IP] Re: Privacy of your medical record and other myths you might have been told, read

>> Dubya will veto any
>> legislation that includes the ability to sue

> All these bills of rights make you give up your
rights to privacy. read it
> carefully before you vote for it. it allows HCFA,
big brother to have the
> rights to all of your records. don't fall for that
all the records are not in
> one database line of bs, you have heard of
relational databases hunh? the
> price of freedom is eternal vigilance! Spot and
the little spotts

I was only addressing the fact that Dubya would not
allow the HMO's to be sued.  Doctors can be sued for
malpractice, but HMO's could not be sued if their
malfeasance was responsible for pain, suffering and
damages to their charges.  The insurance industry
has said that they approve 97% of proposed
treatments.  I was getting timoptic XE (extra
strength) for my glaucoma.  My pressure dropped to
14, in both eyes (good).  The insurance required a
generic, no big deal.  After 3 months I saw my
opthalmatogist.    My pressure is now 19, not
dangerous, but not good and worsening.  The generic
now prescribed is no longer XE.  If I hadn't seen
the eye doc and my eyes were damaged, who do I sue,
the doctor?  The HMO would be immune.  The HMO's are
constantly replacing the suggested treatments and
medication that I am prescribed with others that are
not as good (according to the doctors and
pharmacists).  The HMO would reply that the generic
would included in the 97% of treatments that are
apporved.  Some Doctors have told me that insurance
is so difficult and time consuming that many people
find annother treatment option, give up, pay for it
themselves, or die.  Saving the insurance companies
money, the goal.  I guess Las Vegas is the only
place that this happens.  I got my pump 7+ years
ago.  Will it be possible to get a replacement?

What are the myths?  Did Dubya NOT say that he
didn't want HMO's to be sued?  Five of the last crop
of Congress were voted out, almost solely on the
issue of patients rights, in which that was a major
issue in those elections.  The losers had voted
against it.

If there are other issues that we should be
concerned with in this legislation, what are they?
While privacy should be protected, it is not as high
on my list of priorities as other items.
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