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[IP] Privacy of your medical record and other myths you might have been told, read carefully

I hope that no one on this list was expecting a
comprehensive Patients Bill Of Rights, as promised
by this administration.  Dubya will veto any
legislation that includes the ability to sue HMO's
(the limit was set at $5 mil in the preliminary
stages, which seemed reasonable for pain and
suffering to me).  It appears that the hoped for
legislation would have the worst results for the HMO
being that they will pay what they should have paid
in the first place (if the patient survives that
long).  This seem like a good issue to inform our
legislatures about, as they will probably need to
override a veto.

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There ought to be limits to freedom.
 - George W. Bush
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All these bills of rights make you give up your rights to privacy. read it
carefully before you vote for it. it allows HCFA, big brother to have the
rights to all of your records. don't fall for that all the records are not in
one database line of bs, you have heard of relational databases hunh? the
price of freedom is eternal vigilance! Spot and the little spotts
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