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Re: [IP] H-Tron and Bath time

Kim wrote:

>>Now that the H-tron is no longer waterprof, we are disconnecting at
(my son is 5 and like to really play a long time in the water at bathtime)
Disetronics recomends disconnecting and putting the cap on the tender
set.  My problem is how many times can I resue that cap (does it have to be
sterile each time you insert into the infusion site?) I would think bathing
soapy water can't be too sterile.  I don't want to open a new infusion set
get a new cap each time he baths.  Is anyone else having this problem.  Has
anyone talked with a sales rep that knows if Disetronics is comming out with
any accessories for this nonwaterprof problem( ie extra infusion caps, a
waterprof pouch, anything?)  Thanks for any feedback<<

Kim, I use the caps over and over again.  Disetronic told me that the
infusion set actually is hermetically sealed and water couldn't get into the
canulla, the cap is only to keep dirt and such from getting around the
canulla area, they don't have to be sterile.  Reuse the caps as many times
as you need.

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