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[IP] desperate for saline

I need some information about saline solution.Exactly
what is the composistion and scientific name of the
kind used in the pump? The pump company told me #1 I
didn't need a prescription for it, but #2 they
couldn't tell me exactly what it was and to ask the
pump trainer about it.I can't do that,things are kind
of glitchy right now and I'm not even sure of my start
date.(either April 2 or 23)I've found a pharmacy that
carries two types of saline solution,one in a large
jug and the other one in a bottle like insulin. They
said that the bottled saline was for use in flushing
out iv tubing, and had no clue about whether it could
be used in insulin pumps.(and its only availiable by
prescription)If I can find out the exact specifics on
the type of saline solution needed for the pump, then
I can see whether both or one of them would fit the
need.And one other thing,if the kind I need turns out
to be by prescription only( thanks a ton, MiniMed, for
telling me something that could vary from state to
state)I won't be able to get any saline.If I asked my
doc for a prescription, he'd say that wasn't necessary
and wait till the pump start.(which I'll be pumping
straight insulin)If I asked the pump trainer, she'd
say wait till the pump start and don't ruin your pump
before then.Sooo,I would have no way of getting any
saline for my self-prescribed trial run(and I feel its
necessary to help me get more comfortable with it.) If
any one has some non-used saline left over from their
trial run,(and would be willing to give it away as I'm
not sure selling it would be strictly legal)would you
contact me at the below email?Thanks,I'm exploring all
the possible avenues right now to getting saline and I
appriciate any advice.
 email @ redacted
 (pumping in 11 or 33 days on blue MM 508)

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