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Re: [IP] H-Tron and Bath time


If my memory isn't failing me, the cap doesn't penetrate the infusion set. 
SO it shouldn't be a problem to reuse.... keep a few of both types on hand 
and reuse them...

If you look at the "cap" attached to the tubing you should see a small 
"needle" that seals into the set itself. (assuming I still have my memory ;-)

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 05:16 PM 3/22/01 -0600, you wrote:
>Now that the H-tron is no longer waterprof, we are disconnecting at 
>bathtime. (my son is 5 and like to really play a long time in the water at 
>bathtime) Disetronics recomends disconnecting and putting the cap on the 
>tender infusion set.  My problem is how many times can I resue that cap 
>(does it have to be sterile each time you insert into the infusion site?) 
>I would think bathing in soapy water can't be too sterile.  I don't want 
>to open a new infusion set to get a new cap each time he baths.  Is anyone 
>else having this problem.  Has anyone talked with a sales rep that knows 
>if Disetronics is comming out with any accessories for this nonwaterprof 
>problem( ie extra infusion caps, a waterprof pouch, anything?)  Thanks for 
>any feedback
>Kim (only been pumping 2 weeks)
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