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The GlucoWatch Biographer uses technology that has never been available before, differing from conventional blood glucose testing devices in several ways. Most significantly, it is non-invasive, measuring glucose collected through the skin, not from blood. It measures and displays glucose levels automatically, as often as every twenty minutes, for up to twelve hours. It also creates an "electronic diary," storing up to 4,000 values that can be reviewed at the touch of a button, helping to detect trends and track patterns in glucose levels. In addition, users can set personal glucose alert levels so that an alarm sounds if readings are too high or too low, or if readings decline rapidly.

The GlucoWatch Biographer uses an extremely low electric current to pull glucose through the skin. The glucose is then collected and transformed into an electric signal that is converted into a glucose reading. The system consists of two integrated parts, the Biographer and the AutoSensor. The Biographer is worn like a watch and calculates, displays and stores glucose readings. The AutoSensor is a single-use component that first collects and then measures the glucose sample. The AutoSensor snaps into the back of the Biographer and adheres to the skin, providing up to twelve hours of automatic readings. The GlucoWatch Biographer is not intended to replace the common "finger-stick" testing method, but rather to be used together with blood glucose testing to provide more complete, ongoing information about glucose levels. For example, many people with diabetes perform only a few finger-stick tests each day, possibly missing information about glucose levels at important times, suc!
h as after meals or during sleep. With the GlucoWatch Biographer, people with diabetes will have information that may help them make better-informed decisions about diet, medication and physical activities, possibly leading to lower health care costs and a better quality of life.
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