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[IP] female pumpers & parents

Hi everybody,
   I'm going a little crazy right now. My almost 16 year old FEMALE diabetic 
is anemic once again !! Right around a year ago she started on Accupril 
(don't know if it matters or not) . Two weeks later she had a hemoglobin of 
9.3 (normal is above 12). She was on iron (325mg) . four months later her 
hemoglobin was 12.9= GREAT !!! Now, 6 months later, we were back to being 
lightheaded and dizzy again and having bad headaches. Went to the dr , who 
suggested she drink coffee!!! I had to force him to order bloodwork cuz, as 
he put it "As long as shes been taking the iron , it wouldn't be low again". 
Well, its low again ! (now I should let you know that she only gets her 
period every 3 months or so , and then its really light for 3 days and shes 
   She has been taking the iron all along. Plus eating lots of leafy greens, 
dried fruits and iron fortified foods.Where is her iron going??? Any ideas???
We will be going to a hematologist in April .
Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers 
ps. so far the boy is ok , but two teenage diabetics in one house IS NOT A 
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