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Re: [IP] Highs that won't go away!


      I have been wanting to write on the Ip list but haven't known where to 
start....you helped me out a lot!!  I am also pregnant, but just hit 24 
weeks.  the same thing happened to me just a week ago.  But I had hit a bad 
spot with my site...so make sure it's not that.  Diabetes and pregnancy is 
not easy!  But don't worry to much about the baby..well at least don't get 
stressed out.  I sthis your first?  The part about blood sugars is 
this...high blood sugars are passed over to your baby, therefore with all 
that sugar baby is growing like a weed..lol..also the baby can produse 
his/her own insulin..the hidden fact insulin is a growth hormone therefore 
baby is also growing off of all the extra insulin he/she has been producing. 
  Bad blood sugars occur and there effect on baby is minute if it only 
occurs a day or so.  It is an overall picture when it comes to affecting the 
pregnancy...if you run good all the time just have an occasional bout of 
high bs it's okay...also sickness plays a lot on bs, especially while 
pregnant, a cold that used to affect you a little now affect those bs 
readings like crazy.  I am just getting over a common cold but would go from 
200s to 20s in a matter of a couple of hours.  i have never corrected with 
shots on high blood sugars, i just check the pump, check the site and tubing 
and if i have to change the site for safety measures.  Shots tend to throw 
me off so you may try that but ask ur doctor if that's okay first...if i 
have an extreme high i do my correction factor thru my pump bolus.  I've 
only had this happen to me once, the tubing looked okay as did the site...I 
have no idea what actually went wrong because the cannula looked fine 
also...but as soon as my site was set i went from 250 to 180 to 160 and 
continued coming down over the next 8 hrs or so.
     Well, sorry this has been so long...just remember ur basal will 
sometimes triple throughout pregnancy and that's okay it will go back down 
after baby is born.  Sometimes this occurs rapidly too.  Anyways, feel free 
to write me off list if you want.

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