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Re: [IP] Highs that won't go away!

Sherry -
First, don't worry yourself into a panic! I've had days where my bgs were 
high like that wth all three pregnancies, with no harm to the baby.  Plus, 
to give you some perspective, I've read articles where even among people 
with HbA1cs in the 12-13-14 range, only about one in 10 or so had birth 
defects - but that would only be from chronically high bgs in the first 
trimester. at this late stage of pregnancy, the main thing highs do to the 
baby is make them produce more insulin - with the two effects of it can 
make them grow bigger/fatter  and increases the possibility of the baby 
getting hypo after birth. Both my babies were hypo at birth and it was an 
easily treated problem and they recovered quickly to normal metabolism. 
although it did mean a stay in the nicu...for my second baby whose only 
problem was hypoglycemia she was in nicu on iv glucose for two days.  Also, 
I have heard anecdotally that your blood sugars in the week or so before 
delivery are most important in determining whether the baby gets hypo.

That said, you definitely need to figure out what is going on - I am 
certainly not saying to just ignore/chase the highs.
My first concern would be ketones....Pregnant women are more likely to get 
ketones and they also make it harder to bring down lows. Also you need to 
find out because it is dangerous to go DKA during pregnancy.
Sounds like you've checked all the other main things.
my doctor just told me that he sees about half of women's insulin 
requirements steadily rise during pregnancy, and the other half seems to 
have abrupt stair-steps. I tend to do the abrupt stair-steps.  At 22 weeks 
preg my basals DOUBLED.  Usually in the third trimester I hit where I need 
to triple.  So I'd recommend going up on the basals until your bgs 
stabilize. And keep plenty of snacks on hand in case you bottom out.
For me, although my pre-preg basal requirements are pretty low (about 10 
units a day), my pregnant requirements get really high, and even a .2 u/hr 
increase might not be enough.
Good luck.
(You might want to have a quick visit with your doctor just to rule out any 
undetected infection - bladder possibly? And to make sure you don't have 
any signs of pre-eclampsia - swelling, protein spilling in urine, and high 
blood pressure.  I don't recall my pre-eclampsia affecting my Bgs 
specifically, ,but I do know that mine started around 30-32 weeks.)

Oh, and prenatal vitamin absorption would be the least of my concerns...I 
never took any in any of my pregs.
- Betsy

Betsy, age 34, Type 1 27 years, Disetronic 6 yrs, on third pregnancy with
pump and due in June.
email @ redacted
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