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[IP] Highs that won't go away!

I know that since I am just over 30 weeks pregnant, my insulin requirements are expected to go up.  But yesterday and again today, I've had some puzzling numbers. I did well all day Monday and Tuesday with 95% of my tests between 70 and 130.  Then yesterday everything went out the window.
6:40  AM   181      since my last reading at 2:00 AM was only 95, I have no idea where this one came from.  I bolused an extra 2 units in addition to my breakfast bolus.
9:00   AM   358!!!!    What in the world?? I bolused 7 units.  Normally I drop low around 9:30 or 10:00 and was expecting to need a snack.  No snack, just bolus.
10:00  AM   268    I knew it was too early to see a lot of result after one hour, but it seems to be dropping, right?
11:30  AM   282    It's not dropping!!   I inject 5 units.  Maybe my tubing is messed up, but I am missing the extra tubing I usually keep in my emergency bag.  Let's see if the injection works.
1:45     PM   344    I inject 5 more units and decide to go home early and change both my tubing and open a new bottle of insulin, even though this bottle was already half used and had not seemed to have a problem.
3:15     PM   286   Well, I have changed my tubing, and when I did I saw no bend in the cannula and the site looked fine with no redness or itching. I even did some testing with the pump to see if insulin did drip from the cannula correctly after I took it out.  No clue what the problem is!!! Let's wait and see what happens.
4:00     PM    251    Coming down?  Bolus 4 units to speed it along and increase basal rates by .2 and take my temp.  I don't seem to be sick, even though I feel hot and achy from being high so long.
5:30     PM    249     Nothing is happening!!  Bolus 5 more units.
7:00     PM    199     Well, it's finally under 200, barely.  Bolus 2 units
8:30     PM    181      I'm impatient now and bolus 2 more units.
10:00   PM    65        Yeah!!!  I'm almost back to normal!
11:30   PM    76         I fall into exhausted sleep.
6:45     AM    31          Must have overcorrected, right?  Must be back to normal.
9:00     AM    300  !!!!  NO!!!!  Not this again!   I bolus 5 units and increase my basal rates another .2
11:00   AM     188       bolus 2 more units
1:00     PM      183       bolus 2 more units, and increase basal by .2 for the next few hours

Should hormones produced by the pregnancy hit me so suddenly?  I don't have a temp., my old site looked fine and not infected, I switched tubing early, I changed bottles of insulin, I increased my basals.  What is going on?
And what is this doing to the baby?  Is he starving when my blood sugar is this high?  I have eaten small snacks, but I'm afraid to eat much and I feel horrible. Are my prenatal vitamins even being absorbed right now?  I feel so dehydrated that I wonder if he is too.   I do feel kind of hot and stuffy, would a cold do this to me?  It never has before!
Any advice?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Achy, tired, and scared
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