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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of down

In a message dated 3/21/01 10:06:36 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< when we adjust for a hi/low, it works... but then somewhere else in the 
day my bg goes out of whack! And I never seem to have 2 days the same. I'm 
apparently very sensitive to the humalog insulin, which makes every move I 
make have some big effect. Even a leisurely 5 minute walk can change things.  

 but it's taking over my life!>>

With your 8-12 tests a day, you are probably noticing a lot of highs and lows 
that you didn't notice before, and your standards have gotten higher.  Are 
you doing fasting basal tests to eliminate food variables?  It is always 
easier if your basals are correct.  Sometimes, if your life varies a lot, it 
makes sense to work out different basal patterns for different kinds of days, 
and that may involve a little manipulation of your life to get things set.

That 5 minute walk for me could have a very big effect if done soon after a 
bolus -- the most effect in the first hour, I would probably only notice more 
vigorous exercise in the 2nd hour, and only quite vigorous beyond that.  
EXCEPT that if I had not had any activity all day, a little bit could have an 
effect at any time (a reason to  keep active <gr.>).

As you can probably see, I border on the obsessive-compulsive about this 
stuff, and that does indeed take a lot of time out of my life.  Since my 
gastroparesis particularly is so much better with normal blood sugars, my 
goals are a lot higher (lower <gr.>) than I would think would be necessary 
for many people -- it is a balance each person has to work out for 
themselves.  (And of course, a lot of people just aren't as brittle.)  But 
when my PCP a couple years ago brought up the obsessive-compulsive term and 
the amount of time I was spending at it, I explained to her that I felt so 
much better when I stayed in a close-to-normal range, that I actually had 
more usable time.  But in order to do that, I have had to keep up that 8-12 
(and occasionally more) tests/day, with a lot of correcting and adapting with 
boluses, food, exercise, stress-relief, and temporary changes of basals.  For 
me, it is worth it, at this point in time.

Linda Z
dx1955, pumping 1998
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