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[IP] Pump Update

Good Morning!

I wanted to update everyone on the status of my pump start up.  I had my
first training session on Tuesday morning and everything went well.  We
got my preliminary basals and carb/insulin ratios set up.  I go back in
about 2 weeks (4/3) for my official start.  The CDE wants me to spend
these 2 weeks figuring my boluses for each meal and correction for
practice while still on shots.  Last night I went ahead and refilled it
with saline (more practice) and decided to really get used to it by
wearing it with the tubing 24/7 instead of just carrying it around in my
pocket.  I bent the cannula over and put a little bit of cotton under it
to catch the saline and taped it down before bed.  It took a few minutes
to find a comfortable way to sleep.  Finally decided that keeping the
pump attached to my PJs during the night wasn't going to work.  It
worked pretty good to just lay the pump on the bed beside me.  With the
42" tubing there seemed to be plenty of slack for getting comfortable.
I fully expected to not sleep well with this thing laying beside me, but
I was quite surprised.  Even the extra curricular activities didn't seem
to be effected by it (blush).  Now I'm off to see how a shower goes.

BTW, I finally decided to name her Dot.

Connie & Dot
Blast off set for April 3!
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