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[IP] Fw: Going off the pump after 2 years! Need support!

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Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2001 11:56 AM
Subject: Going off the pump after 2 years! Need support!

> Please help me get over the hump. After 37 years on insulin injections, i
> have been on the pump for 2.5 years and have had so much fluctuation of my
> blood sugars, from 30 to 490 and back again in a day.  The reactions to
> lows I have had have been just horrible, and very unpredictable. The
> i try to control it, the worse it gets. Finally I made the decision to go
> back to injections when i realized that my site seals off alot, and the
> delivery of insulin is irratic.  Perhaps it's because my basal rate is
> Only 4 clicks an hour.  My pump nurse believes I will go back on the pump,
> but I feel so free without it, I could sing.  I realize for most people,
> pump is heavenly, but I guess I am the exception.  Has anyone gone back on
> the shots and if so, please share your experiences with me.  The dawn
> phenomenon is the worst thing to counteract.  My 3AM glucose was 80 and
> by 8AM it went to 350 with ketones.  Please help! Gratefully, Brenda
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