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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of down


I understand how you feel.  I just started pumping 2 weeks ago, and know that 
pumping has taken over my life.  I work with my endo and CDE adjustments have 
been made but as you stated no two days are never the same.  I'm a type 1 
diagnosed 23.5 years ago, developed congestive heart failure last year fired 
up by the diabetes.  I also am a brittle diabetic.  All though I'm bouncing 
around the swings are still manageable.  When I spike up to 250 it will 
always be back within range within the next couple of hours.  I have only had 
a couple of lows each week, and could even tell I was low and when I checked 
they were not dangerously low, like in the past.  My average sugars are 164 
and even that number goes down every day.

I've been wondering why I waited so long to go on the pump, I love my MiniMed 
508.  Sure I've gotten frustrated but I keep telling myself that we will get 
the basals right, I'm learning all I can, my control has definitely improved, 
I can tell when I get low now--not till I'm in the 20's or 30's and am just 
stupid, yesterday I had the best day ever, my highest blood sugar was 157 and 
I had done 10 checks all day, and all these pro's outshine all the con's of 
pump therapy.  Try not to get discouraged.  Sure you feel that diabetes has 
taken over your life, but it had before but without so many positive effects. 
 I know that with better control I will get to live longer, since my heart 
has worn out and the diabetes was keeping me from taking the one drug that 
will prolong my life-now I have hope because of the pump and better control I 
can start taking that drug in the future and live longer with a better 
quality of life and that's what it's all about.

This is long, but if you would like email me privately, we can get through 
this together.

Deb Andersen

PS: To everyone on the list, check with your endo's Lily is giving out a 
PerformanceScript for a free vial of Humalog.  And the way that price keeps 
increasing we need all the breaks we can get.
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