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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of down

Gosh yes, I have been experiencing almost exactly the same problems as you. I 
too have come to the conclusion that a lot of my troubles relate to my 
insulin sensitivity. I have been pumping on the 508 since the end of January 
this year. I have little back-up support as my clinic has no real knowlege of 
pumping, so I am having to get myself referred to a clinic which is a long 
distance away in order to get some advice. I am going to try a session on the 
Minimed continuous glucose monitor in the hope that at least that will help 
with my overnight bg records. I am too tired with all this to wake myself up 
overnight to check my bg.

I just keep myself going by looking back at my pre-pump bg records and seeing 
how dreadful they were (despite huge efforts on my part) and also by 
remembering that at least I can detect some patterns in my bgs - before it 
was just one big unpredictable mess!!!!

I wish you luck - you are not alone!!!!

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