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RE: [IP] Family Leave Law

Gail Donohue [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I know that 8 of these 11 days were to care for me and are covered 
> under the Family Leave Act but I don't know how to get this across 
> to his boss. I am going to give the dates that he was absent to my 
> doctor and ask him to write a letter with my hospitalization dates. 
> But what else can we do? Looking for any suggestions. In past 
> years my husband has only used maybe 5 sick days in a year and 
> he gets one for every month that he works and carries them over 
> what he doesn't use so he had the time banked.

The web page for the Family Leave Act is

Some employers have a maximum amount of time that will carry over if sick
leave isn't used.  However, some also will discourage employees using *any*
sick leave, and sometimes the only way to deal with this is through the
legal system.

Assuming that your husband's company is covered under the Family Medical
Leave Act, you might start by compiling all of his leave records, his
performance appraisals, a summary of your medical situations in the past
year, and a summary to the Family Medical Leave Act
(http://www.dol.gov/dol/esa/public/regs/compliance/whd/whdfs28.htm), and
make an appointment with your husband's boss *AND HIS BOSS*.  Be polite, but
firm, that the law prohibits any action to be taken against your husband
under the circumstances.  It may even help to have a letter from an attorney
to support this position, which will also demonstrate to them that, if you
don't get a satisfactory result, that you are prepared to file suit for
wrongful disciplinary action.

Jim Handsfield, who in a past life was a manager who had to deal with such
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and may not represent those of my wife who
runs our house and makes more important decisions than I do.
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