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RE: [IP] bernstein book??????

Jan and Elvis [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Dr. Berstein's Diabetes Solution, which is the one that was 
> asked about, is 
> about controlling diabetes. It advocates low-carb eating and 
> is considered to 
> be THE BOOK for many of those who control their diabetes with 
> lifestyle 
> changes and oral medications, as well as some who take insulin.

It's available at Amazon for $20.76.


*Some* of Bernstein is very good, such as some of the background
information, why eating large meals, regardless of what's in them, will
cause BG to rise, etc.  Other parts are very problematic, such as his
extremely low carbohydrate diet, particularly his lack of proper support for
his claims by citing the scientific literature (mostly because there is
almost none!). 

Bernstein was an engineer before he turned to medicine, and it shows in his
approach.  Engineering generally looks at the world deterministically,
meaning there is a specific cause for a specific effect.  He uses himself
(he's a type 1 diabetic) as the model, and, as a generality, assumes every
type 1 diabetic is just like he is (no YMMV from Bernstein!).

There is one scientific paper he cites (Garg, et al.) as support for his
very low carb diet plan.  It's odd that he should, because the paper is not
about lowering carbohydrates, but is about higher fats in the diet.  In the
study, Garg had subjects maintain a 2000 Calorie diet, but increased the
amount of fat and maintained the amount of protein.  Obviously,
carbohydrates had to come down.  I don't have the paper in front of me, but
IIRC, carbs were lowered from 55% of the diet to approximately 40% of the
diet -- lowER carb, but not low carb.  Oh well . . .

Bernstein also makes some really outlandish claims regarding the ADA
supported diet as well, such as asserting that the ADA allows as much as
150g of carbs per meal (that would be one *BIG* plate of spaghetti!).

He repeatedly mentions a particular pharmacy, and provides the address and
telephone number -- enough so that I can't help wonder if there's some
conflict of interest here.

Finally, he relies on testimonial rather than research to back up his
claims, one of the red flags to watch out for regarding bogus claims.

So get the book and read it for his advice on control, using insulin,
exercise (well, *not* what he says about anaerobic exercise), but read his
claims with a skeptic's eye.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted

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