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Re: [IP] Fwd: Disetronic and the waterproofness

On 21 Mar 2001, at 18:58, email @ redacted wrote:

> << In a message dated 3/21/01 1:43 AM  John Kinsley writes:
>  <<  A child may not survive an infusion of 200
>   units of insulin within a couple of hours time (it happened). 
>   Again, if their instructions are heeded, there is no reason to shy
>   away from Disetronic, which is a great company with a great 
>   product.  >>

>  I also agree that Disetronic has a wonderful product!!!!  I am
>  concerned about this story of the 200 units of insulin over a 
>  couple hours.  Can you tell me any details concerning that
>  story?  I do have a child using this pump and we use the rapids
>  and can not disconnect.  Also she swims all day long in the 
>  summer.  We might have to look into the Animas pump.

  I too would like more information on this story.  If its true, I'm 
going to complain to Disetronic.  I should be able to get that size of 
bolus delivered in only 20 minutes according to earlier posts on the 
speed of bolus delivery for the H-tron.  Whose figures are incorrect?

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