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[IP] Re: Feeling kind of down

<Part of original message>
<I guess now that I'm pumping, I have that capability to adapt to all
these fluctuations, but it's taking over my life!
I'm living, breathing, thinking diabetes, EVERY second of my day. It's
wearing me out, but l hope that eventually I'll be able to relax a
little and live more normally with it all. Did any of you have this
reaction to your first couple of months?>

Hi Sue,

Yes, I think that is a common reaction. Like you I react to small
amounts of insulin, etc., and the first month was hard--esp. because I
had not counted carbs. like that before--and orignally I wrote
everything down. I think it was very helpful, but like you I was
thinking almost every minute about diabetes.

After getting my basal rates fairly stable, finally I gave up writing
down everything, and my control suffered a small bit, but my happiness
level went up immensely. Once you get a "feel" for all of this, I think
you'll experience the same thing.

As you know, the pump isn't a "cure-all" but it is a very effective
tool--with a little patience I think you'll be a lot happier. It is now
over a year since I've been on the pump, and the results have been
terrific overall...a few bad days with the pump, but not very many!

Hope this helps!

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