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[IP] Feeling kind of down

Hi all,
I've been pumping (MM508) for a month now and even tho I am achieving
better bg levels overall, I'm still bouncing all over the place. I'm
working closely with the MM healthcare nurse and my endo and doing lots
of testing (8-12 times/day).

It just seems that when we adjust for a hi/low, it works... but then
somewhere else in the day my bg goes out of whack! And I never seem to
have 2 days the same. I'm apparently very sensitive to the humalog
insulin, which makes every move I make have some big effect. Even a
leisurely 5 minute walk can change things. I've always had brittle
diabetes and now it's even more apparent, why I was never able to get
good consistant bg levels.

I guess now that I'm pumping, I have that capability to adapt to all
these fluctuations, but it's taking over my life!
I'm living, breathing, thinking diabetes, EVERY second of my day. It's
wearing me out, but l hope that eventually I'll be able to relax a
little and live more normally with it all.
Did any of you have this reaction to your first couple of months?

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