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[IP] A1C! woohoo

Hi! hope everyone is well!
I got the results of my first pumping A1C...down from 8.6% to 7.4%...
Needless to say there was a great deal of shreeking around the Caruso abode...
Even though I'm usually fairly quiet- I just thought I'd pop up and say 
hi-and I have been following the discussion and still wish i'd found pumpers 
years ago(but then again I probably wasn't ready then)...
Pumping rocks!
Also-not too worried about the htron h2o-proof thing...waiting to see what 
Disetronic does- I usually don't wear it in the water, but the waterproofness 
thing was one of my top 5 reasons for choosing it- I AM A HOPELESS KLUTZ!  
yes-I've dropped it in the toilet, a puddle, a mug of beer while bolusing, 
and the kitchen sink...then again I've dropped it on the floor a zillion 
times so I'm trying to be more graceful until a solution is found...
anyways-hugs all around....
SUE- it's great Anthony is so open!  I actually wear my pump in a little 
fabric pouch(I work for a furniture manufacturer-in the showroom so they are 
made out of our textiles)  with the tubing exposed- I am a firm believer that 
inviting questions invites education!
Off to bed...
email @ redacted, DX 6/14/93(flag day!) pumping 10/31/00(boo!)
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