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[IP] Lows and lack of thought

Hi all.

I just wanted to vent a little. I hope you don't mind. I had a low yesterday 
at about 10:00 at work. I work at an insurance agency, 8 to 5. I recognized 
my low, checked my blood, went to eat a snack, and came back to work. Later, 
I realized that the work I did after coming back was ALL WRONG!! I was having 
a bad day anyhow, but suddenly it occurred to me that I am not letting my 
brain recover before I go back to work! I was very frustrated, and of course 
when I came home I just sat and stared at my insulin pump. I am not using it 
yet, but I will be trained on it next week. The SOONER THE BETTER!!! :)

Anyhow, how long do you wait after a low to go back to normal activities?

Thanks for your ear.

Tish (I've named my blue minimed Baloo)
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